Thursday, May 30, 2024

The Second Coming, by Garth Risk Hallberg: A Big Fat Bowl of Meh

Please note: What follows is the first paragraph of a full hatchet job review I wrote for the Chicago Review of Books. For copyright reasons, and because of course I want CHIRB to get all the clicks they deserve for being nice enough to publish me, please click on this link to read the full piece (don't worry, it's free, there's no paywall or anything).

At some point, we book-loving people will have to stop with the David Foster Wallace comparisons for any white male writer who toes the line between aggravating his reader with verbosity and writing long beautiful sentences imbued with the genius of their creator. But today is not that day. Nine years after his second novel, City on Fire, made an asteroid-sized splash in publishing, Garth “the next DFW” Risk Hallberg (even the three-name thing, too!) is back with his third effort, The Second Coming.

Read the full review at Chicago Review of Books.

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