Friday, May 13, 2016

Book Expo America 16: Chicago Is My Kind of Bookish Town

I returned to Book Expo America for the first time since 2012 this week, and it was just as awesome as I remember it. I scored a metric butt-ton of yet-to-be-released, highly buzzworthy books, had a few awkward author interactions, and even some that weren't, and got to see a bunch of terrific bookish people. Here are some photos from my adventures the last two days.

Yeah, I'm with the band.
Man, I'm excited.
First stop: FOER! (This is the book I'm most excited about this year.)
This is Nicholas Sparks. If you can't say anything nice...
This book mobile thing is awesome!
The giant L. Ron Hubbard booth was...creepy.

Day 1 haul. 'twas a good day!
Day 2 started with Colson effing Whitehead. He is one delightful human.
So much early buzz for The Underground Railroad.
George Saunders! (I missed his signing to stand in line to meet Nathan Hill, author of THE NIX, which after HERE I AM, is the book I'm next most excited about this year.)
This is the BEA Buzz Adult Authors panel. Six books out later this year and early 2017, six books you're going to want to read! Here is more on the books and authors.
In my mind, Richard Russo is always this jolly.

(I know, jokes about BEA lines are too-easy.)

And finally, Day 2 haul.


  1. Replies
    1. Ha, well they didn't come to the show with me. They waited patiently at home to see what books I'd bring them.

  2. So bummed I didn't get a chance to say hi at the show, but glad to hear it was a good one for you. I'll be spying on your reading stacks to see what I missed that I need to get my mitts on.

    1. I'm bummed, too! Let me know if you're still planning on heading this way Sept for that race though - we'll definitely have to meet up then!

  3. I absolutely love your blog and have been following you for several years. Would have enjoyed a chance to say hi as it seems that our tastes run along the same lines. Richard Russo? What a glorious human being. By the way, I just finished "The Nix" and it is an amazing first novel. Think the talent of Franzen but the heart of John Irving. Colson Whitehead? Oh yes. I was at the Library Journal (for whom I review) Day of Dialog and was knocked out by the caliber of the speakers. I know that there are a million book blogs out there but yours stands out. Thank you for writing.

    1. "Glorious human being" is the perfect way to describe Russo. I'm actually reading his memoir, Elsewhere, now. He's so great. Can't wait to get to The Nix - got to meet Nathan Hill, too, and he's another glorious human being.

      Also, thank you so much for the kind words about the blog. Some days, it's all worth it. :)

  4. Damn - wish I had known you were there! I love your blog - you read all the books on my TBR list, but like a year before I do.