Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Time Traveler's Wife vs. 11/22/63

Check out this ranking of all 62 of Stephen King's novels — agree? disagree? I'm not surprised The Stand is #1. But I am shocked that 11/22/63 is only #24 — it should be much, much higher. But I assume it's the old "not enough time has passed to adeqately rank its place" argument is at work here. And but so, the rankings reminded me of the chart below I did a few months ago for Book Riot.

The Time Traveler's Wife wins by a nose. Agree? 


  1. It's way more egregious that Under the Dome was ranked in the top 20.

    1. Oh, God - you're right! Somehow I missed that...Terrible.

    2. That's hilarious--I sent the link to the King rankings to some of my King-reading friends, and (like me) their immediate reactions were exactly the same. I'd also argue The Long Walk should have been ranked higher, but I could see how that one is a matter of taste. Under the Dome, not so much . . .

  2. I'm just glad somebody finally settled the "which is worse: Insomnia or From a Buick 8?" debate that my husband and I have had going on for (literally) years.