Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking For Something To Read?

You are? That's fantastic! Here are five suggestions for five great novels from five great bloggers:

1. The Submission, by Amy Waldman — reviewed by Brenna at Literary Musings: This novel has some real ripped-from-the-headlines appeal. It's already high on my priority list, and Brenna says it's one of her favorites of the year.

2. The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern — reviewed by L.L. at The Story Girl: This book has garnered the biggest buzz of the fall. My copy just arrived, and after reading this review, I'm even more excited to dive in.

3. The Leftovers, by Tom Perrotta — reviewed by Rebecca at The Book Lady's Blog: What if the Rapture happened, but those who were Raptured weren't just sanctimonious Christian fundamentalists? Here's how Rebecca describes how Perrotta's apparently fantastic novel answers that question: "So, The Leftovers. It’s like the Left Behind books if they were smart and funny and not about religion but the human condition in general and well-written and did I mention smart?"

4. Fathermucker, by Greg Olear — reviewed by TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog: This looks like the pseudo-dude-lit hit of the fall. It's also far and away the best titled book of the year! I just ordered it myself, and was happy to see this glowingly positive review.

5. We the Animals, by Justin Torres — reviewed by Rachel at A Home Between Pages: I'd only heard bits and pieces about this novel, and because it's so short, I'd all but written it off. But Rachel loved it, so it's back on my radar — maybe for a lazy fall Sat. afternoon in the near future.

Also, in case you missed, and if you did you're kind of a jerk (kidding), here is my first contribution to Book Riot. Why aren't there more good literary sports novels? 


  1. Ooh I'm so excited I have all but We The Animals on my soon TBR list!

  2. Just downloaded The Night Circus form my library, thrilled I could it get not too late.
    if I can humbly share here my weekly post where I suggest a few good titles, fiction and non-fiction, new and less new:

  3. I've gotten the Night Circus from the library and was surprised it was available! Have heard good things about it too.

  4. Hey thanks for sharing my review :) I'm glad you liked it and that it influenced you to purchase a copy! You are in for some good ole fashioned daddy-and-kids goodness...

  5. I did not enjoy The Night Circus and am waiting for someone, anyone to agree with me.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out! I hope you enjoy The Night Circus. :) Now I'm off to check out these other links...

  7. I am dying to read The Night Circus and The Leftovers!

  8. Thanks for the shout-out, Greg! I'm so glad my rambling about THE LEFTOVERS made sense and seems to have been compelling. It was a terrific read. I'll also shout an amen for THE NIGHT CIRCUS and WE THE ANIMALS---they're very different, but each is wonderful in its own way.

  9. Hey Greg thank you for the link! I'm happy you're putting that book on the radar for more people. I don't think it's gotten as much attention as it deserves.

    I put WE THE ANIMALS on my wish list after Rachel's review.