Monday, October 12, 2009

The REAL Meaning of 'Voracious Reader'

Check out this story in yesterday's NY Times about a woman in Connecticut who has read one book per day every single day for the past year. Her blog where she publishes her daily review is really interesting, too!

Needless to say, my own pace is a tad slower - I try (often unsuccessfully) to get through a book about every week, which I think is about average among fellow book dorks. When I start a book, I mentally set a goal for when I hope to have it finished - depending on length, my upcoming schedule, etc. That way, even if I'm not enjoying it, I'll stay motivated to plow through it. So, what is your reading pace? Any quirky reading-related habits?  

Speaking of which, my other quirky habit is that when I finish a book, I never start another until the next day. That next day, I always spend 20-30 minutes typing out my thoughts, impressions, likes/dislikes, etc., about the book. These musings certainly don't approach the coherence of a formal review - they're just more or less my way of keeping a record of what I've read to return to years later to remember the book. I started the document in May of 2001, and it's now about 240 single-spaced, typed pages. Sheesh....


  1. Greg -- Read anything interesting lately regarding evidence-based design?

  2. Greg, that is awesome! That you keep one single Word document of your thoughts/musings on all the books you've read! I personally would like to see a blog post about why you love reading so much. You know I'm a movie-hound, and I could portend my love of said in a diatribe. I'd like to hear that from you, what you specifically get out of it...

    NewDorkBookReview fan!

  3. I read quite quickly. If I love the story I'll finish it in a day or two. (Not easy to do with kids, life, writing - but a really good book won't just sit there waiting, it'll clamor and squawk and I have to finish it!)
    Other books I'll read only at night, and will take a week or so.
    Admittedly - if I'm not hooked by the third chapter, I won't finish it.

    Don't often make notes on books I've read -but I do tend to tweet or mention the stand out ones in my blog. (and tell everyone within ear shot how awesome it was!)

  4. WOW! That lady is awesome!!

    If I'm totally obsessed with a book I'll finish it that day. If I'm only mildly obsessed it will take me 2 days. Anything else takes me about 3 days. I can finish a 1000 page book in a day if I'm completely obsessed...

    I seem to read only at night or when I wake up. In bed. Unless I'm obsessed and I'll read where ever, whenever, I just have to know more about the story!

    OK, so I get a little obsessed when I read. I live vicariously through the characters. It takes me away from my real life and gives me something new. I never kept any notes on the books I read until a few months ago when I started my book blog. Now when I finish a book I sit down immediately and write the review.

  5. heh, my first thought was her optomotrist must be rubbing his hands together, her eyesight is gonna be shot by the time that year is over! what a great blog she has.

    i too never start a new book straight away, i give myself until the next day, mostly just to let the story, any insights and thoughts settle in. on occassion, some books that really moved me (recently tim winton's breath moved me right to the core) have meant i wasn't ready to start reading again for a few days. and others (rohinton mistry's a fine balance which is brilliant for example) made me need to read something light and fun very quickly to help me get over it!